Here are quick answers to some frequently asked questions:

Where are you located?

We live and work in Sherwood Park Alberta, Canada. Crazy eh?

Are all cushion covers limited edition?

We buy limited batches of fabric so technically yes, our cushion covers MAY be limited edition. Sometimes we can reorder the fabric which can take time, and sometimes the fabric is no longer available. Just ask using our contact form and we'll let you know what is possible.

Do you have more cushion covers than what is shown on the site?

We list the covers that are already made but sometimes we do have the fabric and we're just sewing other covers. Just ask if you'd like more covers than what is shown and we can prioritize sewing them (as long as we have more fabric available).

Do you make everything on your store?

Yes we do! Sandra is the skill and sews the zippers and Chris serges all the seams. We're happy little sewing elves (except when the serger misbehaves).

Special Delivery details

We started selling to friends and family and so some special delivery requests are possible. Just ask if you have a special delivery request. You never know if you don't ask :)

Do you sell pillow inserts?

We sell inserts to locals because we can easily drop those off. The price of shipping a distance is too much so for those far far away, buying local is the best. Just ask if you live locally and want a pillow insert.